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Digital Agency Jakarta

At Ahza , we believe that technology will be able to change human life for the better. Therefore, ideas become a valuable asset for us.

What We Do

Digital Startup

We build a digital startup and its ecosystem from a problem that you might feel right now. With confidence to provide the best solutions, we create digital products that are expected to benefit you.

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Confidence in the development of technology that provides benefits, makes us continue to strive to improve the competency of our resources in order to always provide the best solution for each of our partners. Whether in the form of a website application, mobile apps, CRM system, IoT devices or others, we are sure that this solution will help your business to grow and develop quickly

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Digital Services

With several years of experience in helping our partners to achieve their goals in managing their digital assets, we are confident that we can provide the best results for your business to exist in the digital era.

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Our Vision

We provide you a solution for today’s problem, using technology which you can afford.


We have a big dream in our organization and keen in searching strategic partners or Investors who have dream to give benefit to humankind. If you feel that you are with us, please contact us at investor[at]ahzagroup.com.


Why Ahza Digital ?

We believe that strong value of our company and every individual in the company can give you success together


We have cultivated a start up mentality & culture, where there’s no wall or layer of bureaucracy.


We don’t entertain big ego syndrom. We don’t tune ourselves to one man band. We listen more as we truly believe it takes two for tango.


We tried not to lost our childlike heart & mind, as without the playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth, and henceforth the innovation.


We’re an agile organization working together as one cohesive unit. Just like the Commando, we deliver our task in no time and in meticulous fashion.


We believe honesty is the best policy, and thus transparency is our currency. We always wanted to be our client most sincere partner.